Welcome to my website

A warm welcome to new readers and especially to those of you who come her by following me from my old blog!

Like the old blog it’s all about sewing, sometimes a bit of knitting and very occassionally about something else that’s on my mind. I sew every day clothes for myself and two lovely young women, my daughter and my son’s girlfriend. Both of whom want to learn sewing too!

I love to share the process and technique of sewing. I will add tutorials in my blog posts and on the specific tutorials page. Not a lot there yet, it’s a work in process!

My sewing is not haute couture, my lifestyle doesn’t require that nor do I have a need for ball gowns, prom dresses etc. That said, I like well-made clothes, which are nice on the inside too!

I hope you will follow me on this continued sewing journey!

Blog posts

The main part of my site. In these posts I share my sewing (and occasionally knitting) projects. From easy to more complicated. 

Please follow along!



Garment a month

My plan is to make a garment a month of which I share the construction. Not all the details, but a bit more interesting. Of course this will be part of the blog posts too, but with this label they can more easily be found.


Making tutorials is my way to pay my love for sewing forward.

General disclaimer: a tutorial is just my way to do a certain technique or step in the sewing process. If you prefer another way that’s absolutely fine!


About me

A page with a bit more information about me and my previous blog.