Summer flew by so quickly

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Hello my dear readers, it’s been (too) long since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been sewing, working, teaching, been on a short holiday, gardening, cooking… Everything except blogging. It’s difficult to keep it going and at this point I’m not sure I will continue to blog and keep my own website.

I had so many plans when I started this, but a day still only has 24 hours. This decision will be taken in about two months, when I have to decide to keep this website account or not.  For now, let me just share photos of  the last few months, sewing related or not. 

Burda dress, this felt so comfortable and nice to wear

Four bralettes made by the students of the first lingerie workshops I gave in June. So very proud of my students. They did a great job!

The denim skirt I showed in my last post in June. A good follow up on the skirt it had to replace. I’ve worn it with the white linen shirt. Classic combination but can’t go wrong with it.

I made this set as an example for my lingerie workshops.

A few days away in my own counry, the lovely town of Deventer.

After 1.5 year it was wonderful to be able to travel to France for a week and go to a local market and buy fruit and vegetables.

Reims cathedral

The most recent knitting project, a ziggurat pattern by Asa Tricosa.



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  1. Caroline Beckenhaupt

    Thank you, dear Sigrid, for the lovely blog post. Your lingerie, as always, is so beautiful! I loved the pic of Rheims cathedral. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you well,

    • Sigrid

      Thank you Caroline, glad you enjoy seeing the photos.

  2. SUmmerflies

    I love your dress and the grey spot fabric is lovely. I hope you do keep blogging as I love reading your information. I know it is hard to keep up with so much else taking time… I in fact have not kept up to date with my blog but for personal reasons that were unavoidable. I will be soon. I love your denim skirt and I have some silver denim that I think I’ll try this pattern with .. on the list. I think your skills in teaching and lingerie making is a match made in heaven.

    • Sigrid

      Thank you Summerflies, I will read on your blog when you decide to make the skirt. Just checked it out!

  3. Beth

    your finished items are fantastic. I made both that Burda dress and the denim skirt (mine is almost the same:) and they are two of my favorite patterns of the last few years. I understand about finding time to blog – I hope to continue doing so although I am posting less frequently these days.

  4. Sigrid

    Beth, your blogpost about the denim skirt was the very reason I have chosen that pattern! Glad I did.
    Blogging was very popular but I have the feeling it is much less so now.

  5. sewTreefrog

    The dress is gorgeous. I love seeing what you are making and your tutorials have always been excellent. It would be very selfish of me to say that I hope you keep blogging, but I know how much time ( and cost for a hosted site) it takes. Would you post to another platform if you closed the blog?

    • Anne

      I totally agree with this comment. I love reading about what you make and how you make it. But I understand that you have limited time and energy and may decide not to continue. Even if it is not via a blog, I’d love to “keep in touch”. Whatever you decide for the future, thank you very much for all the information, inspiration and help of past years.

      • Sigrid

        Thank you Anne! The possibility of being in touch with readers and others in the sewing world is what makes blogging extra special.

    • Sigrid

      Thank you Treefrog. As I’ve been blogging for so long now (since 2007) it’s also a bit difficult to let it go. One of my thoughts is to get back to the old “blogger” blog and post there again, even if it’s irregular and I have less options for the lay-out/categories.

  6. Carol

    Love your blog posts. They give me useful information and inspire me to try new things with the projects you show. Hope you keep the blog but also I know life can be very busy. Thank you for your time.

    • Sigrid

      Thank you Carol. Always nice to know the work is appreciated.

  7. Sharon

    I hear you about time to blog, I’ve said I would and have moved from Blogger and still no post. I thoroughly enjoy reading about and seeing your makes, and the beautiful country and how clever your students are.

    Your followers will be here no matter what you decide to do.


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