Capsule finished

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The 3 pieces of this capsule came together well, though I changed the waistband of the skirt and had to re-do the center piece of it. It’s the result that counts though. The jacket is not a very “every day” jacket. It has a bit of a vintage vibe which is also not my usual style but I quite like it. 

Don’t you think that these buttons were made for this combination? I went to a shop in a village close to me and found these while the garments were only cut and not sewn together at all. Such a lucky find, especially as there were only 4 left and I needed that exact amount. 


The jacket is best worn closed, so it will be worn with a camisole underneath, not with a blouse. The fabric that I had in mind for a blouse will go with the skirt and the trousers. I’ll add that blouse at some point. For now this is a project done!

The patterns are from Burda magazine, the May issues of 2002 (jacket and skirt) and 2006 (trousers). 

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  1. Vicki

    Lovely Sigrid. Such great patterns and beautifully done.

    • Sigrid

      Thank you Vicki😀

  2. Caroline Beckenhaupt

    Nice work, Sigrid. You are an inspiration! TY for sharing.

  3. Sigrid

    Thank you Caroline, it’s nice to hear it’s inspiring😊

  4. Barbara Cruikshank

    Love the collar and neckline. And yes, the buttons are perfect.

    • Sigrid

      Thank you Barbara, the collar was definitely part of why I chose this pattern.

  5. Angela

    That is stunning, now that perhaps everything is opening up, I hope you will have lots of chances to wear it!

    • Sigrid

      Thank you Angela, I hope so too 😉


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