Sleeve with slit (and cuff)

In this tutorial I explain how I make a slit in a sleeve. The cuff will be added to another page.

For me this is an easy method which always gives good results.

Blinde rits geopend

What do you need?

  • The sleeves, without the seams sewn. Working flat is the easiest way to do this.
  • A strip of fabric of 3 cm wide (1 1/4 inch), at least twice the length of the slit. I prefer it to be a bit longer and cut it at the right length later.
Zipper closed
  • Cut the slit in the sleeve, length indicated by the pattern.
  • Press a 1 cm hem in the strip of fabric (3/8 inch)
  • Pin the strip to the slit, right sides together. At the center fold the fabric as you see in the picture. The target is to get as little fabric as possible at this point, to make sure no pleat will form at the right side.
Zipper closed
  • Stitch a few millimeters away from the edge, make sure you don’t sew a pleat of fabric at the center. The stitches must just hold the fabric
  • Press the stitched seam towards the strip of fabric (seam points to pressed hem of strip).
  • Fold over and pin with the pressed hem exactly matching the stitch line.
  • Stich at the edge, just inside the previous sewn seam.

In my example I’ve used red thread, when you do this in a matching thread, it’s less visible.


  • Fold with right sides together and stitch a diagonal line at the top. This will prevent any stress at this (rather weak) point and make sure the slit won’t be torn there.