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Time went quickly last month and I worked on my capsule wardrobe with a few intervals. Before finishing and properly showing the results let me show a few details in this post.

This photo is from the waistband of the skirt. I’m not showing you the initial version of it. It was horrible! As this is a pattern from an issue of Burda from 2006, I did not find a review or comments on this pattern. The pattern has a faux waistband closure at center front, with overlapping bands and two buttons.

Let me tell you it’s  a very bad idea to have such an overlapping closure with no seam/opening under it. I tried and as you can see, removed it all.

As I only had very little fabric left, there was no option to recut the whole waistband. I removed only the center part of it and replaced it by a new part and topstitched. Look what a mess it was. I was lucky it worked out as you can see in the first photo.

Below you can see the way I attached the buttons to the trousers by machine. A special foot for attaching buttons is available for most machines. This is a generic foot that I bought ages ago and use together with a machine needle as you see in the video. This way you create extra space (a shank) underneath the button to give room to the part with the buttonholes.

The last photo is from my trousers, the first item finished. It needs a proper press!

Burda top finished
2020-01 Burda
2020-01 Burda

To wrap up this post a couple of photos of the details of the jacket. The gusset was less difficult than I imagined it to be. The collar is standing out with the topstitching.

The part with the canvas facing is the inside of the peplum part. Giving it more stability and weight.

We were on a short break last week and made a great walk in the “National Park De Hoge Veluwe“. This is a famous ‘hunting lodge’ we passed. I’ve been there before and it’s such a beautiful location.



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  1. JenL

    Both are looking really nice. That’s a beautiful gusset. Not sure if it’s just my device, but I am unable to see the video, unfortunately.

  2. Cornelia Lehane

    Oh that inset seam! Perfect. Looking forward to seeing more of the collection.


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