Jeans – a failure

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Designer pattern, jeans, pants | 6 comments

Despite the promising photo of the knee detail of these jeans, it will not be finished. I haven’t thought about a few changes well enough and the pocket placement is totally wrong.

I made a quick muslin that was pretty good with the changes for making it a more high waist style. Because of my waist being comparitively narrow, I had to take out an extra bit at the front pattern piece and moved the position of the zipper as a consequence of that change. A very wrong decision, as it now is far too much to the center front, a strange spot for a pocket. Even in its original position it might have been too far to the center for me. I did move it only 1.5 cm (5/8 inch). 

I have no fabric left so can’t cut a new center front piece. 

Here you see the center front pattern on a pair of well fitting jeans. On the Claude Montana pattern there would have been a wide vertical strip of fabric on the side of this piece. But you can see clearly that the zipper is not at a good position. Something I should have seen but didn’t. 

I’m sorry for those of you who were looking forward to seeing this pattern made up. It can be a warning though to check on this placement, especially when you are changing something in the original pattern. 

For me it’s time to move on and forget about this disaster. 


A view during a bike ride two weeks ago when I spent a few days in another part of our country.

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  1. Vicki

    It may not be what you envisioned but can they be finished and worn with a tunic top or something to cover the “mistake”? Shame to waste them.

  2. s

    Patchwork denim in varying shades of blue is on trend, perhaps you could piece in a different colour of denim and use it elsewhere in the jeans to make it look intentional? On the other hand if it is upsetting you, best to chuck it (personal experience!)

  3. Dorothé

    Ik snap de frustratie. Zo jammer, maar het patroon is het waard om met nieuwe stof nogmaals te proberen. Voorlopig beter om je eerst op een ander project te richten. Misschien kan je dochter een skinny jeans ervan maken?

  4. Terri Gardner

    Kudos for even trying to make jeans-I’ve been sewing for a few decades and never had a desire to even give it a go. I think a person always learns something from their failures so I never try to look at it as total time wasted and I’ve had my share of sewing failures>

  5. Carol

    I always wondered if you could extend the pocket opening all the way to the side panel. Then it would end in the seam on that side. Not that it would help in this situation. I can see what you mean about being too close to the center front. But you could recut the panels in a contrast denim or one that is close to matching.

  6. Sharon

    How frustrating and I have a jeans skirt that ended this way.


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