Using Burda magazine patterns – Tracing (2)

by | Jan 2, 2021 | blog, burda pattern, pattern tracing, using magazine patterns | 2 comments

A second post about tracing Burda magazine patterns. In the video I show what information can be found in the small drawings that are in the instructions for the patterns and how they look on the pattern sheets. 

It’s not a complete reference, but I hope it gives an idea of how this works for those of you who want to try a Burda magazine pattern for the first time or haven’t used them very often. 

I won’t do video’s on a regular basis (too much work) but thought this subject was worth it. 




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  1. ParisGrrl

    That’s quite helpful–thanks!

    • Gayle in Canada

      Very helpful series on this Sigrid. Thank you for taking the time to do it, especially with the videos.

      BTW, I love the fresh,clean look & feel of your new site and have just subscribed so I don’t miss any updates!


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