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If asked which patterns I use most frequently, Burda magazine patterns would be the answer. For those not used to using magazine patterns they might be a bit intimidating. I grew up using magazines and Burda magazine is very consistent in sizing. Once you know your basic size(s) and what to change to fit your body, it’s the same for all their patterns.

In the next few weeks I’ll do a few posts and give a few tips on how the patterns work in general, what information you find for individual patterns and how I use them.

This tip is for those who already use Burda magazine patterns. Do you know that the number on the sides of the pattern sheet already gives an indication of where to find the pattern on the sheet?


The patterns are on the sheets in 4 colours: red, blue, green and black. Pattern pieces with a fill colour usually are for the patterns that are used in the “workshop” patterns with more detailed instructions. 

At the border of the pattern sheets the numbers in a specific colour are on one side. You can find the pattern piece by going down or up in a straight line from the number on the edge . It might be close or on the other side of the sheet, but always in a straight line!

In the video you can see that a pattern piece can even be found on the opposite of the pattern sheet. Here again, it’s always in a straight line from the number on the edge.



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  1. Therese

    Thank you for posting the video. I’ve never been able to figure out how to find the pattern pieces for Burda magazine patterns. Clearly I was over-thinking what to do! Now it seems so obvious.

    • Sigrid

      Glad it helps you Therese.


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