The story of a blouse

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The story of this blouse starts with a pin I kept on my Pinterest inspiration board for blouses. I do like linen in summer and this blouse was on my “to do” list for a while.

When I received a beautiful white linen that I ordered at Rietjes stoffenmarkt I decided to give it a go.

First step was of course browsing my magazines but I could not find a suitable pattern, which led to the idea of drafting it myself


My first attempt was adding the collar to a Burda top that had the shape of the neckline that I was looking for. Though the collar wasn’t that bad, the shoulders were seriously drop down, which is not a good look on me.

The second attempt (in the light pink fabric) is based on my Suzy Furrer sloper I drafted a couple of years ago in a Craftsy class.
I widened the armhole a little and drafted the collar based on Suzy Furrer’s class too. In the muslin I traced a line incorrectly on the collar but it didn’t effect the fit so I left it.

For the sleeve draft  I used a book from Winifred Aldrich, the Dutch version of Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s wear.  I’m quite pleased how that turned out and the instructions were very clear.

After this second attempt it was time to make it for real (btw, sewing the muslins only takes a very short time!). At the start of this post you already saw the front, this is the back. I definitely need some shaping, so I used darts.



I like a nice detail on the inside and in this blouse I used a Liberty bias tape to bind the edge of the collar. It’s just nice to know it’s there, even when you don’t see it from the outside. 


It was nice to practice my drafting skills again and though not an exact copy, I think it’s close to my inspiration piece.

Note for myself: two adjustments for next time. Make the neckline less deep and make the facings a bit wider. 

I only have a small garden but I enjoy it so very, very much! This year the delphiniums are flowering so beautiful and it’s become such a large group. So very happy as I’ve tried them for years in my previous garden, but they were always eaten by slugs as soon as they came above the ground. In this garden slugs aren’t that much of a nuisance (I respect that they are part of the natural world and don’t use pesticides) and apparently the place is right. 



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  1. JenL

    Nicely done blouse and the delphiniums are gorgeous too!

    • Sigrid

      Thank you, this season is so wonderful!

  2. Sharon

    It feels so good to draft your inspiration garment and love the lines of your blouse.

    • Sigrid

      Thank you. I’m very happy with the drafting courses I took and drafting books I have accumulated over the years. It’s a wonderful skill to have (even though I’m very far from a professional)

  3. anne-laure

    That’s very interesting, you did a splendid job !


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