Garment a month – January (5)

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The last blog post on the Garment a month series that I started with this jacket. It’s finished and I’m very pleased with the fit and the style.

In a box of old buttons I found 4 identical buttons that could be used. I only used 3 of them. Perhaps my mother knows where they originally came from as I don’t have a clue. Most of the buttons in this particular box are very old, dating back to when my mother still sewed. And that’s a long time ago.  

Detail of the front

In these photos you can see a bit  more of the detail of how the  bow is attached (not really a bow, but don’t know how to call it, ties?) .  It’s stitched between the the body and the facing. I don’t clip the point where the bow meets the bodice, as the instructions tell you. I gradually move the seam inward. I forgot to take a photo when I was making the bow, but have a photo of a similar construction from another project I recently made.

Bow attached to facing from inside
Bow detail

This shows you how I did the bow. Stitched right sides together and keeping the part where it’s attached to the neckline open. When turned Burda tells you to cut, which I prefer not to do. (Photo only for illustration, is another project!)

Me wearing the jacket
Back of jacket

A few final notes on the jacket and the pattern: I loved making it, all the parts went together well and the fit is as I expect it to be with Burda patterns. The fabric used is linen, a souvenir from a holiday two years ago in France (oh, how I wish to be able to travel again, I’m especially missing my sewing friends abroad). 

The welt pockets are real pockets in my jacket. The instructions are for mock ones, which I don’t get. If you made the double welts, you’ve conquered the difficult part. It’s a very small step to make the pocket. 

As described in my first post on this jacket, I need a full bust adjustment. In a comment I was asked why I did not use a larger size, because I added quite a bit. The reason for not using a larger size is that then the back and shoulders will be too wide.

The only other change I did to the pattern was making it 3 cm longer above the waist, which is my default change for Burda patterns.

I  hope you liked this series of posts on one garment only. Would love to hear from you in the comments. For me it’s thinking about my next project now and also what the February garment of the month will be!


A photo taken about a week ago. A clear sky coming up after a cloudy morning.

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  1. Jannie

    Klasse! Heel mooi geworden

  2. Angela

    Your jacket is lovely, the colour really suits you too. I am really interested in everything you make, always beautiful and with many hints and tips along the way. And the pictures are are lovely too!

  3. Lisa B

    Your jacket is beautiful. I like the style as well as the color.

    I’ve enjoyed your posts on this project and would certainly look forward to more like it.

  4. Sheila Codd

    Beautiful-work, colour, pattern and fabric. Your blogs are much appreciated.

  5. Dorothé

    Nu ik je volg op IG lig ik een beetje voor. Het jasje ziet er echt uitstekend uit. Ik vind de tip om linnen te verstevigen echt geweldig. De stropdasconstructie is niet helemaal duidelijk maar als ik zoiets moet maken dan zoek ik gewoon je blog erbij voordat ik evt. ga knippen.

  6. Kbenco

    It is a lovely jacket, and so beautifully fitted and constructed. I have enjoyed seeing the work-in-progress details. The colour is gorgeous on you.

  7. Laura Cahill

    Well done. It’s beautiful.

  8. Sharon

    Beautiful jacket and the pockets and ties take a standard jacket up a notch.

    I enjoy all your makes and any details you would like to share will be very much appreciated.

  9. Vicki Maiorano

    This jacket is beautiful. Love the colour and your fit is always so impeccable.