Garment a month – January (4)

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As you can see the jacket is getting a lot closer to finishing. There is some topstitching still to be done on the outside. The photo shows the sleeves when they were only basted. 

This is the sleeve after stitching, removing the basting and gathering threads and adding a sleevehead (wrap) to the sleeve. For this I used the method that is described perfectly by Ann Rowley here. The  link goes to her Flickr album and she described the process below her photos. Below some detail photos of my process.

Some extra information on seam allowances: the lower third of the seam I trim back to 0,5 cm, after making an additional stitch line close to the original one. The rest I keep to about 1 cm and is my starting point to adding the sleevehead/wrap.


A small/thin shoulderpad must still be inserted. I’ve run out of my stash of these, so will have to wait a little. Buttons will be an issue too! It’s expected that all non essential shops will remain closed till February 9. I don’t want to order buttons online. 


Basted with two stitching lines with long stitches

After gathering by pulling on one of the threads

Seam allowances trimmed

Sleeve wrap inserted


The body on the inside. All will be hidden by the lining later.

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  1. Sharon

    Your jacket is looking amazing and thank you for sharing the sleeve details. I thoroughly enjoy Anne Rowley’s techniques.

  2. Carol T

    Great photos showing all the interior work you do to make it look so good. Thank you!

  3. Samira

    Love it Sigrid! I also very much like your new blog! Can´t wait to see what you create.
    Much love from Germany,

    • Sigrid

      Hi Samira, thanks for your comment! Nice to see you here too. Love, Sigrid


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