Garment a month – January (2)

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Front pattern pieces interfaced

I made quite a bit of progress on my jacket. A lot of the work in a jacket is in preparing and marking pattern pieces. I’m using linen as fabric (yes, it will be for a warmer season wink) and as it’s generally known this is very prone to wrinkling I chose to interface all pieces with a thin fusible interfacing. Something I’ve done before with similar linen fabric and it reduced the wrinkling a lot. The pattern pieces with the thin interfacing I then use as were it one fabric. So the front is interfaced with an extra layer of a heavier weight interfacing, because that is what you do with the front of a jacket. This I would always do, and it’s in the Burda instructions too.

Though I’m not a quilter, I do have a large quilting ruler. I often use it when I place the pattern pieces on the fabric. When aligning the ruler with the edge of the fabric, it’s easy to line the straight of grain line of the pattern piece with the ruler lines. With your hand on the side of the ruler, you can move the pattern piece under it and align.

Another possibility is to align again with a pattern piece that’s more to the middle of the fabric: lay the edge of the ruler on the straight of grain line of a pattern piece that you alreay pinned to align the piece next to it. Easy and quick!


It might look as if I’m very fast with my sewing, but to me it’s mainly about efficiency. I’ve sewn the back pieces, the sleeves and the front pieces together in one session and pressed the seams. I like that way of working. The sleeves and back will be laid aside for now, the next step will be making the pockets in the front and add a shoulder shield. Thats for tomorrow, and you bet I will make a test for the welt pocket first!

I concluded my previous post with one of my non-sewing photos and I think it’s fun to continue with it.  This is the beach near The Hague on a late winter afternoon.




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  1. Dorothé Jansen

    Slim met die quilt liniaal, daar had ik nog nooit aan gedacht bij het recht van draad leggen.

    • Sigrid

      Handig ding, ligt altijd bij de hand.


    You have removed seam allowance from the iron on interfacing. How do you get the interfacing the correct amount from the seam allowance when you apply to fashion fabric?

    • Sigrid

      Sheila, I basically eyeball it. With a few exceptions I use pattern pieces without seam allowances added.
      The interfacing part without seam allowances determines the seam lines, After pressing I check with the pattern piece if it’s still correct. Also I mark any other notches or the pocket line for example on top of this interfacing. On parts without this interfacing (sleeves, back etc) I mark seamlines with carbon paper. I’ll post a photo in my next post to illustrate.

  3. Anonymous

    I have learned two new things to thank you, the quilting ruler and also cutting out the interfacing with your pattern pieces that are minus the seam allowance, so thank you.

    I also like to sew efficiently and tend to pin and sew all seams that I can for the first session.

    • Sharon

      Sorry I hit the wrong key, the above is from me.


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