Garment a month – January (1)

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A new feature on my blog  this year is a “garment a month”. Each month I will sew a garment and give a bit more details on construction. I have no specific plans on which garments will be featured. I would be interested to hear what garments or construction you would like to see!

The garment for this month is from the January issue of Burda magazine, jacket 113. I was immediately attracted to this pattern when I saw the first previews of the January issue.

It’s shown in a tweed fabric, but I will be making it in a linen, as that’s a fabric I have at hand in a beautiful petrol colour. 

The first two photos above are from the Burda website. The last one is the fba I did on the front. After doing the fba and taping the pieces on the cutting board, I’ve traced the two pattern pieces again. The fba (full bust adjustment) for a princess seam can be found in the book Fit for real people (Palmer/Pletch) and of course tutorials on the internet, just not on my site at the moment. 

Hope to do the cutting tonight. 

Let me know what you think of a series like this. I’m looking forward to hearing opinions!

To finish this post a photo of a beautiful sky reflected in the water, taken during a walk a few days ago. A very Dutch picture. 



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    Great idea to tape the pattern down on the cutting board and then retrace it!

  2. Sewingelle

    I love this concept! Also your ‘very Dutch’ photo.

    • Hester 🌷

      Als ik de hokjes tel verruim je het voorpand met wel 7 cm. Mij lijkt dat erg veel. Kan je dan niet beter een grotere maat nemen?

      • Sigrid

        Het is 5 cm in totaal. Dit is een aanpassing voor een grote cupmaat. In de maattabel zou ik inderdaad op basis van borstomvang een grotere maat moeten kiezen. Maar dan is de rug veel te wijd en zitten de mouwen niet mooi. Ik heb een smalle rug. Dat zijn de specifieke details waar een algemene maattabel geen rekening mee houdt.

  3. Sheila Codd

    Enjoy your blog as always something to learn

  4. Laura

    Gorgeous jacket! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  5. Sharon

    Great tip for taping down your adjusted pattern, much easier to trace around. I always seems to have an “aha” moment when I read your blog so thank you very much.

    I appreciate seeing all that you make so no ideas for particular garments or construction.

  6. Vicki Maiorano

    I love this idea. And this jacket is beautiful. Not sure what the future holds but I think we will be more casual. I’d love to see more casual jackets that can be worn dressed up a bit but also with jeans and sneakers. Personally I’m hoping to retire mid year so a more casual lifestyle is in order.

    • Sigrid

      I hope this jacket will be like that. My lifestyle has changed quite a bit too and even before corona my use for more formal jackets was reduced a lot. I’m imagining this with jeans!

  7. Therese

    Beautiful picture! I hope you will be including your pictures regularly so we can see more of the Dutch countryside.

  8. Sigrid

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! Glad you like to read it and find it helpful.


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