Denim skirt part 1

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I had late afternoon and most of the evening for myself today. Do you love that too occassionally? Dinner was a cup of soup from the freezer and a slice of bread. Coffee postponed till later than usual because I was so busy…. prepping sewing projects smilesmile.  

When I bought the white linen for my blouse I also bought this denim/jeans fabric. I have a denim skirt that’s at the end of its life cycle and I’d like to replace it. Though not with the exact same style.

This is the fabric, bought at Rietjes Stoffen, a Dutch shop. It was the first time I ordered fabric there. It was a great experience and the quality very good. Excellent customer service: this denim was wrapped in an extra layer of tissue paper with a handwritten note recommending washing it first and explaining it was wrapped separately to prevent any staining of the white linen! 

The magazine photo. I will omit the external pocket. Beth from the blog Sunnygal Studio made it shortly after the pattern was published and when searching for a pattern to use, her version definitely made me take out this issue from my pile of Burda magazines.

Here the fabric was ready to be cut. That’s done and sewing can start soon.

The other pattern I traced today is this dress from the same Burda issue. I’m considering two fabrics for this but have decided I will first make the skirt and not cut the dress yet.



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  1. Sharon

    Very smart denim skirt and the fabric looks very interesting. I purchased some Cone Denim and have washed and dried it 2 times to reduce the shrinkage and it did turn my drier blue.

    • Anonymous

      Even after washing my hands still were blue when working with it. So definitely have to wash it again before wearing the now finished skirt.

  2. Sigrid

    The anonymous is me, Sigrid 😉


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