Bralette – never made them before

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Though I’ve made a lot of bras over the many years that I sew lingerie, I never made a bralette before. An area to investigate, if not for myself. 

My daughther will be a happy recipient of my testing and  I might use the experience on these in a future class. 

This one is the Watson bra from Cloth Habit. 


Watson bralette front

The pattern uses a wider closure at the back, but I didn’t have one and adapted to suit the narrow closure.

This one is made to the measurements of my daughter. When I see her and she tries it on, I’ll ask whether she wants a closure at the back on the next one. A lot of bralettes don’t have a closure. But as this style is not suitable for myself, I can’t judge this aspect.

This red one was actually the first one I made. It’s from the pattern that came with the  Craftsy class Lingerie essentials from Alison Smith. For this one I just picked a size to try. No size chart included for the bralette, which is strange. A fun pattern though, I really love the back.

Morspoort Leiden

Not a spectacular photo, but still a lovely sight of the Morspoort in Leiden.

Leiden is a city close to my heart, I’ve lived there during my student days and a few years after. I’m living close to it again now. A new walking route was recently published following the canals surrounding the old city. I’ve found some spots I didn’t know about! 

This is not one of those unknown spots, it’s a well known location.

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  1. Sharon

    Very pretty Waston Bra and I find it very comfortable to wear when I don’t want a wired bra. The red lace is gorgeous and that is a very nice looking back detail.

    • sigrid

      That back detail is really special.


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