Bag for sewing notions – finished

by | Jan 3, 2021 | bag making, blog | 9 comments

My bag for sewing notions is finished. I’m quite pleased with it and will start using it when sewing lessons are possible again. 

I say quite pleased but not perfectly happy. It’s a complicated pattern and all parts are designed to match so perfectly that you can’t do a thing wrong or mismatch a few millimeters. A lot of layers have to be stitched at some points and I broke a few needles. Without interfering with functionality it could have been designed a bit better for using home sewing machines in my opinion. Give a bit more space in between pockets would have been a start. It’s not my best sewing work but at some point I stopped trying to make it perfect.

As I only need one of those I won’t make another one very soon, but if I would I would change it a bit. 

For now it can easily hold tracing paper, rotary cutter, eraser, a couple of scissors, hand cream (important!) and a few bobbins of thread. 

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  1. Vancouver Barbara

    It’s very handsome. Is this your creation or did you follow a pattern? Does it really hold everything you need?

    • sigrid

      I think I can take most of what I need. Probably will find out for real when using it.

  2. treefrog

    It’s quite a complicated design, but very practical. I wouldn’t mind making one for myself. I’m curious how you find the two rows of little pockets and if there is enough slack to be able to fill both rows. I’ve made a couple of tool rolls for DH and found I either had to bubble the fabric more, or use a wide elastic for the upper layer.

    • Sigrid

      I agree that it’s very practical. The two rows are not meant to be both filled. There is a note in the pattern that the fabric one that covers the vinyl pocket is mainly for extra protection for sharp tools and that you can’t use all pockets, depending on what you store in them. To me that is not logical and a lot of unneccary steps in sewing. Make it to one row would have been so much easier.
      Another side note: I think (but am not sure) the pockets on the outside are letter size, not A4. If you would want to store an A4 cutting mat for example, that’s not possible. Don’t know what size you would use (A4 is common in Europe) but it’s a thought if you would want to store anything of that size.

      • treefrog

        Thanks for the tip on the size of the outside pocket. A4 is our standard size too

  3. Sharon

    Now that is interesting, I see all those pockets and want to fill them all, interesting that it is not advised. It is a great looking bag and I will be interested to hear how it works “in real life”.

    I have a Yazzi bag that is many years old for my sewing tools, it is essentially a lot of pockets but I can fit all I need for a sewing class, week long conference and it is still going strong.

  4. Kbenco

    It looks very practical, interesting that some of the pockets are superfluous, I would find that annoying after doing all that work.

  5. Hester 🌷

    Waarom handcreme?

    • Sigrid

      Omdat het zo fijn is om je handen gladder te maken, vooral als je werkt met een dunne stof. Mijn handen blijven dan vooral in de winter haken aan de stof. Om die reden ligt er ook een nagelvijl bij mijn naaispullen.


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